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Manuscript Template

Abstract Submission Guideline

Abstract Guideline

The abstract helps potential readers evaluate your research quickly, allowing them to ascertain the purpose of your article or paper, the wider field it relates to, and the special significance and value of this particular piece of research. The abstract is therefore key to attracting readers and hopefully citations – and citations can greatly increase your credibility in your field.

Where possible, avoid using the abstract as the first paragraph of the introduction. It has a different function from the introduction and should be structured differently. Moreover, readers will get bored of the repetition.

How it should be structured

Be concise. An abstract should be between 150 and 250 words.

Be clear. Remember – some people will only read your abstract and nothing else, so it is important that it contains all of the relevant information for them to evaluate your research.

For scientific articles, the abstract should include an introduction, methodology, research findings, the conclusions that can be drawn from these results, and why this research matters.

It is important to select the right keywords for your article. They help to define your field of study, and the sub-field(s), topic(s), and specific issue(s) that are covered in the article. When choosing your keywords, be selective. You only have 3-6 keywords, so you need to make them count.

Focus on the main topic(s) of your research and any unique identifiers – such as geography, methodological approach, scientific techniques, literary theory or specific chemical reaction.

But remember – a keyword does not have to be a single word. You could have phrases such as ‘Upas Tree’, ‘inconsistent triad’ or ‘radioactive waste decay’. Avoid reusing the same keywords in the title and abstract – this is a chance to get extra words included to help your content appear in search engines (both online and library/archive). It can be helpful to perform a keyword search using your chosen terms before you submit your paper. Do other articles in your field appear? Is this the group in which you wish your research to be included? If not, you might want to consider adjusting some of your keywords.